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     As disc golf is becoming more and more popular we are seeing a more diversified group of people out enjoying the sport. That is one of the many great things about this game. You can be 10 years old or you could be 70 years old. It doesnt matter if you are a boy are a girl, in shape or trying to get in shape. If you enjoy being outside and having fun this is the game for you. Played similar to ball golf you have 18 holes to play with a Frisbee like object instead of a ball. The fewer shots it takes you to finish each hole the better. That is one of the great things about this game, its not only you against other players but its you against yourself trying to better your score each time you play.

     We here in Georgetown are very lucky to have one of the prettiest and most challenging courses in central Texas. Located at the new Rivery Park located behind Dukes Smokehouse along the walk trail installed by the parks and recreation department. Built around the new pond and along the river banks this course is as visually appealing as it is challenging and fun. While walking and playing the course you will be able to enjoy a picturesque scenery of flowers, trees, and wildlife. Not to mention the new friends you will make. I have only been playing this game for about 2 years but I have yet to meet a fellow golfer that was not friendly and willing to offer help and advice.

      Littering is frowned at although it does happen we are trying to keep the park as clean as possible so if you decide to bring a bottle of water or a nice frosty adult beverage please remember to throw it away in the trash cans that are located along the course or take it home with you.

     One might ask how do I start playing this game and having fun. Well living in Georgetown its easier than you think. We have 2 courses to play on. One located in the San Gabriel park and then the newest one located at the new Rivery Park. You can also get all the equipment that you will need to play at the local Georgetown Sporting Goods Store. From discs to disc bags they offer all that you will need to get started. You can also go online to find a wide variety of discs and bags.

     Both men and women can play in any division and each division is separated as such. Though a girl can play in the mens division if she would like men cant play in the girls division.

     The Georgetown Disc Golf Club is forming now and will be meeting once a week to hold a weekly mini tournament for all skill levels. Weather you are just starting our or have been playing for 10 years we would love to have you come out and share the love for this game.

     You dont have to be a member to come out and play in the weekly mini tournaments held every Saturday at 2pm everyone is invited to play.


Hole 5 is what I think is the best looking hole on the course. This short straight hole has seen its share of 4s and if you are lucky and skilled on the same day you just might get one of the sweetest ace you will ever see.
If you like the looks of this hole I have included some of the other holes I like on the photos page.



Rivery park now has all 18 holes cut and cleaned. If you have not played the course in a while holes 3, 17 and 18 have been moved. When you finish hole 1 which is actually 2 walk down the paved road and you will come to the sidewalk. The tee box is located where the stick i laying. You will be able to see the pin about 400 feet away. Hole 17 has been moved to the backside of 6 across the gravel road you should see the sign on the tree. Hole 18 is after 17 and you just keep walking and cross the ditch. There is no sign at the box but you will be able to see the tee pad. A big thanks goes out to everyone that helped get this course back in shape. If i forget a name or two dont be mad we thank you. Ed and Laura, Martin, Chris, Rick and Tara, Frank and anyone else I missed. Thank You.

I would like to welcome 2 new members of the RPDGC

1. Gene

2. Larry

Thank you guys. We are the foundation to build from. Lets do it.

Question of the Day...

Who holds the distance record with a disc golf disc...and what is it....