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Sundays Results


Sundays Results
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Saturdays results in detail.

We are now in what I think is week 8 and I have missed out on about the last 5 weeks. Todays turnout was great. Alot more than I expected for such an early mini. Big thanks to Ed and Laura for getting more people involved with rivery park. The ACE POT is now up to 50.00 and the and the course funding is up to 10.00. Thank you everyone that is comming out to support.
With the wind the way it was today the course was more than hard it was disturbing. But I am shure everyone had a great time.
I think I had the worst shot of my disc golf life today at rivery. Hole 15 I took my drive with a 175 Banshee. It flew just like I wanted it to then started to lift up. It went about 220 feet then the wind got it. When it finally landed after about 15 seconds of hangtime it was sitting about 6ft from the tee box. HA HA HA... It sucked...


ED I need the scores for this Sunday.

Heroes and Gloats

Single player course record is -9 by Paul Kreckie

Doubles course record is -11 by -----------

Aces 5,7,11 by Rick Steinle

Ace 15 Shannon Nitzel

Ace 4 Mark Smith

Ace 7 Jeff Jones

Aces 11 by Eddie Miller

Aces 13 by Frank Hubbard